Day[9] Daily #154 – White-Ra vs TLO – Late Game Protoss Aggression


Day[9] talks about the beta 0.20 patch updates. Then, he looks at some PvT games played between TheLittleOne and White-Ra in which he specifically examines Protoss Gateway timings. Day[9] focuses on “chunking” in this episode: what the player should be doing in the mid-game to build for a strong late game as Protoss.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • With White-Ra's fast VR to force Marines, what if you opponent built Turrets instead of Marines?
  • White-Ra's use of the Mothership.
  • When faced with a mobile army did the TLO tech into immobile Siege Tanks?
  • What if TLO went with less Tanks and more Marauders and split his army against White-Ra's unupgraded units?
  • Why did TLO stop trying to get off good EMPs?