Day[9] Daily #156 – Dimaga vs PainUser – Mech TvZ


Day[9] focuses on going mech against Zerg, the hitches that come with this style and certain things that Zerg can do to react to this kind of play. He describes and analyzes certain decisions made by both players while theorizing what he thinks will be the best play in these situations.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Avoid a direct confrontation with your opponent. Harass and expand?
  • Does it make sense for Zerg to leave bases unsaturated?
  • Dimaga had a 40 food/2 base lead and still lost again to mech.
  • Was it a mistake for Dimaga to invest in burrow?
  • When Terran get in front of my base, I lose map control?
  • Why didn't Zerg go Broodlord instead of Ultralisks?