Day[9] Daily #161 – White-Ra vs MadFrog ZvP on Scrap Station


Day[9] looks at a ZvP game where the Zerg takes a ninja base and then puts lots of pressure on the Protoss, killing multiple bases and lots of Probes while transitioning to Mutalisk play. The game eventually evolves into an amazing game which includes Void Rays, Phoenixes, and even Carriers.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Zerg Early 14-hatching/Gateway on 12
  • MadFrog: constantly making Drones and active about scouting
  • Earlier gold expo; defense of gold expo - forcing opponent into passivity
  • Transition to Void Rays and backfiring of "base-busts"
  • Protoss abusing a "spread-out" Zerg with mobility