Day[9] Daily #164 – LowLevelReps – In-Game Decision Making


Day[9] takes a step back and looks at SC2 decision making from a new player perspective. He lists the basics on which a new player should focus in order to be successful in SC2. 

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Did you ever in your StarCraft career have any really bad or memorable losing streak? If so, how did you manage to break it and start winning again?
  • What's a good way to know when you have to expand (as zerg) or when to power Drones?
  • Zerg wasn't using control groups this game. How do you control group your stuff together as Zerg? I generally have all Hatches as 4 and Queens as 5-9. What is the best way?
  • When I go Mutalisk/ling, i have a massive spike in my minerals because I'm so gas starved. Is double expanding viable, and how do you recommend smoothly taking a third base?