Day[9] Daily #165 – Zergling/Baneling Opening in ZvZ


Day[9] focuses on variations in openings involving Zerglings and Banelings from one or both of the players. He also analyzes transitions from the early game Zergling-Baneling opening.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • Why did slush not take advantage of his economic advantage in the second game by getting an early expo?
  • In perusing Korean replays I've noticed that Koreans of all races play a style that is highly focused on harassment, but when I try to get the foundations for harassment up fast I end up with too little stuff to defend from "conventional" attacks - how should one go about balancing the need for a conventional army to defend and a harassment army to be aggressive?
  • What do you tell a player that is "afraid" of doing 1v1 ladder matches?
  • When is a good time to spread creep in a ZvZ?
  • In ZvZ, do you feel building more Queens then normal would be effective? They could help with defense and get ahead with the economy.
  • I'm a high rank platnium player and I'm finding it hard to resist cheesing. Should I stop and play more "standard", even though I'm getting a high win/loss for over 30 games?