Day[9] Daily #168 – PvT: Protoss Macro Style


After forgetting to pay rent again, Day[9] explores 1 gas Protoss Warpgate play based upon the playstyle of Adel (now AdelScott). By using our friend Notepad and comparing 2 different build orders, Day[9] shows the strength of macro.

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Q&A With Day[9]

  • If you play a macro style, how do you deal with early rushes since you clearly wont have as many units as someone who is spending all their resources on an early rush?
  • I noticed you avoided most upgrades for your gateway macro build; Wouldn't a few upgrades significantly increase the effectiveness of a large Gateway army more than the few units you would need to skip for them?
  • How you do combat double port banshee TLO style? It seems like you wouldn't have enough gas fast enough for the Stalkers and Observers.
  • Is there any reason why you made this a PvT show? Could this work with PvX and why/why not?
  • I've been having trouble keeping map control against Terran. I seem to contain and out macro them then get Banshee'd from behind or Medivac dropped. How do you keep better map control against T harass?