Day[9] Daily #171 – Gretorp vs Fenix


Day[9] opens with a riddle and compares the thought process to Gretorp's unique TvT opening and his subsequent transitions into late game struggles against Fenix's tank placement/map control. He also discusses the effects of ditching assumptions in one's play.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You seemed to imply that Terran tanks make the game take longer, do you feel like with the tank nerf in 1.1 will have a drastic effect on Terran play, or will most matches still become tank Viking?

-I often find it difficult in the late game deciding strategy, defaulting to the likes of bcs or Carriers/Void Rays. How do i apply my knowledge/strategy in the early game to the late game?

-I feel the prevalence of Vikings for Gretorp was incredibly wasted. If he had made four Banshees, for example, he could have easily eliminated the tanks sitting in the middle of the game. Why do you think he didn't do this?

-In Brood War Terran vs Terran, players compensated for the slowness of tank/Goliath by using Dropships. What do you think of using Medivac Tank Thor to do something similar in SC2?