Day[9] Daily #174 – Check vs Maka TvZ


Day[9] looks at a TvZ game with an aggressive Terran opening by Maka, then examines how Check uses Zerg's mobility to take advantage and turn Maka into a turtley Terran. Check proceeds to further use that mobility to slowly break down a strong Terran army using the map to support frequent counter attacks.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I thought Maka's first Barracks placement was interesting, but my instinct said that the tech lab add-on was vulnerable to Zerglings and whatnot. Why was that tech lab safe against Zerglings?

-I am a Diamond level Zerg and have my build orders down crisp and I'm pretty good at macroing an army and keeping my worker count high, my only problem is I get an army and just sit there, how can I motivate myself to move out and harass more?

-Considering Terran was focusing so strong early game on that Marine Marauder ball why do you think we didn't see any Infestors?

-Early on when the Terran was first counterattacked wouldn't it have been better if his resources for defense(3 turrets+sensor tower) were allocated differently?