Day[9] Daily #175 – Adel’s No-Gas PvP


Day[9] looks at the benefits of not falling into the assumption that the player needs early double gas in Protoss play, and more importantly, how the player can reap the benefits of winning as a result of early game decisions without trying to match the enemy's style. (i.e. winning with macro when the opponent has decided to tech)

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You mention watching your replays, and noticing trends such as having a certain type of reaction after an exchange of armies. How do you know when you have spotted a trend in your play that you need to fix?

-A lot of fast expand builds feel "blind" to me - in that there is a long period of time between when you start your expo and you get your first observer out in which you have no idea what to expect from the opponent. This is even more important in FE builds that need to be quickly aggressive against certain responses - how should people go about scouting after Probes become ineffective but before observers are out?

-I'm high Plat trying to break into Diamond. Every match up I 4Gate as an opening and I feel that everyone is expecting it. How do you think I can help vary my play while still moving up?

-I'm trying to review replays of my game, but when I'm looking at them, I don't know what to look. What advice could you give us about reviewing replays? What's the things we should look at?