Day[9] Daily #177 – Simple Winning Techniques


Day[9] teaches the viewer two basic concepts with today's replays. First, if the viewer attempts a strategy, one of the best counters is to not over-think the game; the player should simply go kill his opponent. Second, the viewer should macro very well, with many expansions. Day[9] then screens 2 PvZ games where each of these ideas are implemented to allow for an easy win.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I play Zerg and I've found that I can fend off a 4gate relatively easy, (read: not overbuilding units, massing Drones) however, today I played a game where I scouted a robotics facility briefly and I know that Immortals 3 shot Roaches, but he could go Collosi which would roast me if I went mass Zergling. How do I properly fend off a robotixing Protoss?

-In a recent interview you said that eventually Zerg would become the strongest race as time goes on. What factors do you believe make Zerg a strong race?

-As a low level player, how can I learn timings when my opponent isn't doing good timings anyway? Replays don't seem to teach me much.