Day[9] Daily #180 – Still Learning TvZ


Day[9] continues to learn TvZ, this time studying DIMAGA's replays.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-We haven"t seen any Hyrdas in the zvts weve watched in the past 2 days... do you think that Mutas are better than Hydras for this matchup.. Is there any time where we would want Hyrdas?

-In ZvT early game seems to be all about securing your first expansion. Are there any ways to play one base for a little longer to be safer, without going for something that is all-in?

-Given the low numbers of surviving Zerg players in GSL and the scarcity of Zergs in latter top 200(~20% vs Terran ~45%), do you feel that these numbers indicate any unfairness in SC2?

-How come i feel like there was nothing i could've done to prevent a loss? i often feel this versus Terran(as Zerg) and would you suggest to just try and copy players like DIMAGA?