Day[9] Daily #181 – HuK Winning Some PvT


Day[9] discusses a tactic used by HuK involving a fast observer so that the player can see what his opponent is doing and adjust his game play. HuK opens with a 2 gate and a Robotics Facility which allows him to create some defenses while he obtains information. Day[9] also shows us a game where HuK gets rushed with Units and is unable to get the Observer.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Protoss is my 2nd race and i would like to vary my play cause i literally only 4gate. Would you recommend me to train out a single build or just play random builds and see what fits me?

-On maps such as Desert Oasis, I find myself constantly running between my bases in order to defend multiple harassments and cutesie things, I end up just running back and forth like an idiot. What are some good army managing techniques on maps with multiple battle fronts?

-Can you talk a little more about observer movement? Even if I be sneaky with my Observer, Gold and Platinum players always seem to "know" it's there, and automatically scan it and kill it.

-Toss vs Terran is my worst matchup, I find myself losing to early pushes due to me focusing to much on economy is this just lack of my micro from small unit comp or should i cut Probes???


     • HuK Winning Some PvT