Day[9] Daily #182 – Mantra vs incontrol PvP


Day[9] examines a PvP where one player goes for two quick Gates and manages to get a small Probe lead, following up with an expand while the other player goes for 4 gate Colossus before expanding. Generally good RTS skills, expanding behind an attack.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-If I do not know what I am looking for should I still scout my opponents base at the start of the game? What are some ways I can figure out what I am looking for?

-I understand the importance of upgrades in any matchup, especially in the late game, but do you feel that upgrades in mirror matchups are even more of a necessity?

-A 2 gate opening typically puts you behind on Probe count. If Tristan wouldn't have taken out probes with his initial Zealots, would his build have still worked?