Day[9] Daily #185 – A Normal Daily: Gretorp TvT


Day[9] looks at a Gretorp TvT game with a fast Banshee opening. Both players use different strategies throughout the early, mid, and late game with Gretorp following up his early Banshees with mass Marauders and rapid expansions. There are some great examples of how little harassment can keep you in the game. Also, Battlecruisers.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You said that building a bunch of Unit producing structures in macro mode is great, but yesterday you talked about not letting your minerals build up and toss down a bunch of buildings

-Gretorp repeatedly pressed with damaged air Units. Why didn't he repair? Is it ever worth it to pull back and repair?

-You mentioned that it's good to harass while being under pressure. I can understand this because Medivacs are so versatile. As a Protoss player, how can I harass to buy time without devoting too many resources to unnecessary tech?