Day[9] Daily #187 - Terran vs Protoss


Day[9] examines 3 TvP games with differing maps and builds including a replay from Jimpo with a fast Ghost style which is powerful both offensively and defensively.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You say that you like to focus on practicing just one strategy in one match up over and over again - when playing on the ladder this way, how do you handle the different possible matchups - have one build for each that you want to work on?

-Do you think Terran was too aggressive after his push in the beginning? If he pulled back to a favorable position would he have been able to deal with the Colossus better? How do you judge when to let off the pressure?

-In Daily#30, you stress the importance of sticking with your plan in BW. Would you say that in StarCraft 2 this is often suicidal, or is there a certain implied dynamic?

-A T friend of mine has argued that there is no way for a P FE build to hold off what he calls the "80 food push" from Terran, which I believe includes Ghosts and heavy Marines. Do you agree with this assessment? Is this why we rarely see FE builds in PvT GSL games?


     • Terran vs Protoss