Day[9] Daily #189 - Newbie Tuesday: Losing to Early Pressure


Day[9] analyzes the hiccups that many players experience when faced with early pressure from their opponents. He covers how to counter strategies such as marine SCV rushes, fast 4gates, early Void rays, Hellion harass and general early game aggression. He then takes questions from his viewers.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You mentioned scouting defensively and sniffing out suspicious rushes by checking the front ramp; but how do you scout to determine if you can make an offensive push against the opponent?

-Do you recommend blocking off the ramp as Protoss(with buildings and 1 Zealot) to prevent any early rushes? Or do you feel it is better to just build around your Nexus?

-My main problem I have while playing as Zerg is when do I make a Drone and when do I make a attacking Unit? How should I spend my Larva?