Day[9] Daily #190 - Drewbie vs Darkforce TvZ


Day[9] looks at a ZvT matchup in Starcraft 2 with Drewbie and Darkforce. He does a standard analysis of the game including a discussion of openings vs build orders, and proper use of Overlords for creep and scouting.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-How DO you think Thor/Marine/Banshee with a splash of Hellions works as a unit composition? IS IT a good strategy?

-I find myself hesitant to expand against Zerg period or any aggressive play. How do i get over this fear?

-After drewbie laid out his expo he transferred a lot of SCVs, leaving the main looking way under-saturated. How do you judge how many workers to pull off of the mineral line?

Should I stop making Probes if I'm already saturated, or should I expand (even if I feel uncomfortable expanding)?

Do you find Infestors NP is really worth the price in the Mid-game while your gas is better spent on other things


     • Drewbie vs Darkforce TvZ