Day[9] Daily #193 - Funday Monday: No Marines, Marauders, or Tanks!


Funday Monday! The constraint this week is to play with no Marines, Marauders, or Tanks. Funday Monday participants therefore primarily rely upon Nukes, Vikings, and Planetary Fortresses to win their matches.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I often find myself trying a new build against a friend, losing, and then never going back to it. But I want to be able to try a build, and then improve on it if it doesn't work out. How can I know if the build has room for improvement, or Just kind of sucks

-I'm a relatively new player and while my grasp of StarCraft 2 strategy is decent I find myself restricted in the strategies and builds I can employ because of my inability to execute certain tactics effectively (e.g. reaper micro while still building). Do you have any advice or specific practice techniques for improving these skills, and would you advise sticking with more easily executed strategies as a new player?