Day[9] Daily #201 – Newbie Tuesday: Using Drops


Day[9] explains the pitfalls many beginners make when trying to incorporate drops into their play and how to avoid them.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Can you talk about KiwiKaki's drop on Idra in the IEM last weekend?

-What about Hellion drops...especially blue Hellion drops?

-You talk about avoiding the suicide mentality with drops - but how does this mesh with the ability to warp in Units with a Warp Prism? Whether you drop or not, one Warp Prism only gives you room to save 4 Zealots/Sentries or 2 -Stalkers, where half the threat of the Prism is that the Drop is theoretically infinite in size.

-You almost never see Zerg drops, do you feel like Hydra drops are the only unit that needs to be drops/ also Zerg often relies on expanding a lot. Does this make drops a lot less useful for Zerg?


  • RodYan(Z) v Leet(T)
    • Does a drop integrate with my strategy? (good decisions with drops)
    • Drops help your unit arrive at a location you couldn't get to
    • Does dropping let you do something you couldn't do before?
  • Dreadnough(T) v Choas(P)
    • How a single Colossus becomes a liability; allowing multiple drops at the same time
    • Ineffective drops when your opponent is on 2 bases, when at 3 or 4 bases
    • Drop angles and the ability to retreat
  • ApBuLLeT(Z) v Twoko(P)
    • Scouting to make sure your opponent isn't expanding; dealing with being dropped on
    • Over-committing to drops and not overacting to the success of your drops
  • kzn(P) v mang(P)
    • Forcing your drop to work and overfocusing on your drop