Day[9] Daily #202 – Friendday Wednesday with qxc


In this Friendday Wednesday, Day[9] invites guest qxc to analyze his drop play.

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Q&A With Day[9]

When should I stop dropping? If only I had dropped, I would have won that game.


  • Game 1: qxc(T) v iNkA(P)
    • Close vs cross-map positions when favoring drops
    • Dropping in two different positions at the same time
    • Medivacs-supporting stimed bio effective in small numbers
    • The increased mobility of Colossus makes drops vulnerable
    • Factory scouting and baiting units away for drop
    • Getting the medivac out early-not wasting production time with building swaps
  • Game 2: qxc(T) v OpTiKzErO(P)
    • Getting a second Barrack before factory when Protoss doesn't get a second gas
    • When units are in your base, picking stalkers and making the game last longer
    • Choosing aggression over expanding