Day[9] Daily #205 – Newbie Tuesday: Colossus


In this Newbie Tuesday, Day[9] enlightens his audience on how to deal with the mighty, three-legged, laser-shooting Colossus.

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  • Game 1: mormagil(P) v capeofstorms(P)
    • Mistake of rushing for an observer – spending money on staying alive
    • Is there a flaw in my strategy and the Colossus is just a formality?
  • Game 2: HOIVIICIDAL(T) v Crimson(P)
    • Are you not dealing with the Colossus well? (making bad decisions; not doing enough against the Colossus)
    • Having stim to deal with Colossus; being more aggressive; killing Colossi
    • Taking out your opponent's expansion with the intention of retreating
    • Positioning is just as important as what units to make
  • Game 3: bananajuice(Z) v Torgud(P)
    • Over-preparing for a Colossus –finding yourself very weak after