Day[9] Daily #207 – Artosis vs RenieHour


Day[9] analyzes a PvZ matchup between Artosis and RenieHour.  **SPOILER ALERT** Day[9]'s computer crashes 10 minutes into the broadcast!

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I find it very hard to use Phoenixes because I have relatively low handspeed, is there some way to use highly micro-able Units without slipping on macro because of low HS

-It seems in this game something I would have done if I were Artosis that I didn't see is to get Infestors. I think Fungal Growth would have been fantastic against those Phoenixes.

-You said that you liked Artosis expanding to the edges of the map.  Do you think it'd be vital to also have Zerglings?

-What about Archons early on, when you have 2-3 Archons (with no Templar upgrades) off of 2 bases it could be pretty strong against Muta-Ling, am I wrong in this or are Archons underused for a reason?


  • RenieHour(P) v Artosis(Z)
  • Having a next step in order to mess with our opponent
  • Economy management -if you are spending a lot of gas what am I doing with my minerals?
  • Getting sentries then expanding; Zerg spending a lot of money on air-control with Corruptors and Multalisks