Day[9] Daily #210 – Newbie Tuesday: 2v2 Strategy


In this Newbie Tuesday, Day[9] focuses on 2v2 play. He explains that 2v2 strategy and decision-making is different from 1v1 strategy and decision-making. He explores basic principles of 2v2: how to attack and join armies together, how to defend, and why there is no cheese in 2v2. =)

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You said we should counterattack when your partner has died. If you have barely enough Units to counter is it a good idea to counter even if you would die from lack of defense?

-I play Protoss, but like to play other races sometimes, as well. Is it good to do this, or should I just stick with Protoss and practice?

-We see how joining up forces helps immensely. What are your thoughts about having both players set their rally points at a common defensive point between bases?

-Out of curiosity, what's your favorite 2v2 race combo and why?

-What are some good hints to help you know when to counterattack? Could you counterattack while your teammate is being killed?

-You seem to have a dislike of the word cheese...

-How do you feel about one player rushing, while the other techs?


  • Game 1: Phoetic(P) v daveofdefeat(Z) v magaManX(Z) & echoSpecter
    • The difference between a strong-stable strategy and a "cheese" play/rush
  • Game 2: Mange(P) & BMX(T) v Enyvar(T) & Neuromancer(T)
    • What happens when you don't join your armies together
    • Early pressure strategies are good- because the opponents won't be joined up yet
    • Sacking huge amounts of economy to help join your partners army together
  • Game 3: Histrion(T) & YodaJM(T) v Jabba(P) & Zvizdec(P)
    • This is not a "cheese" push
  • Game 4: xXtemplerXx(T) & NoRule(P) v Ruckustata(P) & Sydros(Z)
    • "Together" army is sacrificing economy; Teching players are split apart
    • Being aggressive with a stalker/zergling combination
    • Ally dying slowly as soon as possible going into a 1v2 situation
    • In a 1v2 situation being focused and more aggressive early on
  • Game 5: Shadow(T) & AEgis(P) v buubble(P) & doppler(Z)
    • No thinking in "1v1" mode in "2v2"
    • You want to be joined together, or split teching and dying slowly
  • Game 6: HighTreeson(Z) & Michael(P) v Dieman(Z) & Sigobachewy(Z)
    • How counterattacking is great against an early push
  • Game 7: Gecko(Z) & Dario(Z) v Shnur(T) & Trendail(Z)
    • Dealing with an aggressive double 6-pool
    • Having the confidence to move out after early pressure
  • 2v2 Unit compositions
    • Zergling/Stalkers
    • Colossus/Infestors
    • Roach/Zealot
    • Walling-in to help in "dying slowly"