Day[9] Daily #211 – LiquidHayPrO vs STX


Day[9] analyzes every aspect of a TvZ match up between Haypro and STX, a grandmaster player. He focuses on all aspects of the game, and explains the mechanics and the thought process behind the players' decisions, and why they work or don't work.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Why is getting a larger army better than getting an upgraded army? In my mind, the upgrades should make up for the difference in army size.

-Haypro invested quite a bit into Ultras, do you feel he could have done better by spending a bit less on Ultras and more on mixing it up with more lings, Banelings, and Roaches?

-I am frequently losing to early pushes or hard pressure which prevents me from Droning very much, if at all. How can I hold off/keep up in economy while still defending constant brutal pressure?

-Considering the amount of money he spent on wasting Ultralisks, wouldn't Brood Lords have been far more effective, seeing as the Siege tanks could have fired on his own Units?


  • LiquidHayPrO(Z) v STX(T) on Jungle Basin
    • Zerg sees the expansion block, builds a spawning pool (not preparing for something that maybe annoying)
    • Difference between trying to get all your upgrades fast and the proper timing of getting upgrades when needed
    • Having overall caution as you push forward; making sure of the arc of your army placment
    • Unit movement pulled back in the direction to your rally point of your base -helping reinforcing your forward movement