Day[9] Daily #212 – Sen vs Socke: ZvP Analysis


Day[9] analyzes a game from MLG Dallas 2010 between Socke (P) and Sen (Z). He emphasizes how important it is to make a build that satisfies your goals, and how important it is not to lose focus after gaining a big lead, and why it is important never to forget to expand, even if you are in the lead. He also explains ways to deal with Mutalisks as Protoss and discusses the pros and cons of mass low tech Units vs. fewer high tech Units in late game.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-What do you think about the lack of creep spread in that game?

-You talked about how pressure preempts a Zerg player's usage of Muta harass. Would you say this concept translates to dealing with harassment from other races, or is it specific to this case?

-Do you think Protoss can viably play the mid/late game without t1 units? cf. Terran Mech from BW.

-What are good milestone markers to structure your goals around throughout the game? You mentioned 6 gate on 2 base...what are good milestones like that that apply across all races?


  • SoFtBalL(Z) v aTnSocke(P)
    • Dealing with spire by putting pressure on the zerg so they don't have the time to use it
    • Build order - optimial way to satifiy a goal; having a good sense of what you want to be doing (theme)
    • Mid-game: building pylons around the map in case of expanding
    • After having a big lead, losing focus tempting to go all out; having a goal of expanding
    • Late game warp-prism drop strategy/tactic
    • Being aggressive with a low tech/high food army