Day[9] Daily #213 – Sjow vs Fuzer: TvT Analysis


We're going to do something cool! Watch the same game twice from two different points of view. Lets see if learning ensues

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Q&A With Day[9]

-How do you feel about not scouting an opponent early in the game? Is it a significant liability most of the time to wait for a basic unit to come out before scouting?

-When red got the Viking, why did blue keep Banshee harassing, instead of Ravens or Medivacs? because after the first Viking all Banshee harass was super pointless...

-I notice you don't focus as intensely on the minimap as you did in older videos. Would you say StarCraft II gives players less or more map control than they had in Brood War?

-How do I make the decision on whether a given build is strong enough in a matchup or whether one player just executed poorly when watching replays?


  • MenaceFuzer(T) v SjoW(T) - SjoW(T) POV
    • Refinery after a factory, when you can afford it; food does matter as much as constantly making SCVs and marines
    • First scouting with Hellion; scouting the front
    • Sending banshee to the front - picking off marines; opponent picking off SCVs then Marines
    • Problems with queuing multiple SCVs after winning a battle
    • Importance of having vision as a defense
  • MenaceFuzer(T) v SjoW(T) - MenaceFuzer(T) POV
    • Making 2 marines, getting a Refinery, then continuing with marine production
    • Idle SCV after building a structure, sending back to minerals
    • In battle going on, losing Banshee control, forgetting tank and Depot
    • "Tapping" hotkeys to check your unit producing structures to help prevent macro mistakes in battle
    • Pushing out with no vision or active scouting