Day[9] Daily #214 – Madfrog vs Tarson: TvZ Analysis


Day[9] offers an analysis of a TvZ game between Madfrog and Tarson on Blistering Sands. The game starts with a 2 port Banshee opening, and lasts until the late game. At the end, he focuses on tips for the 200 food battles that ensue.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-The Zerg player didn't seem to play too well, how do we know that the Banshee really was the key decision that helped on this map?

-You talked a lot about how Terran could defend his back door, but what about Zerg and Protoss? How can they directly or indirectly keep it up?

-Do you think that when he was massing reactors on his new 6 Barracks, throwing down a few tech labs and getting Mauraders to absorb the Banelings would have been a good thing?

-How can Madfrog take out the Terran's planetary fortress? It seems that if he had tried, he would have lost a lot of Units and then been pushed to doom.

-What do you think of as the main difference between applying constant pressure in the early game, vs the late game as you see here?


  • MaDFroG(Z) v Tarson(T) on Blistering Sands
  • 2 port Banshee opening transitioning into mass marine production
  • The pressure of the "back door" on Blistering Sands; considerations on dealing with this early pressure with Banshees
  • If you units are going to 100% die, just kill everything (good suicide)
  • Being in the lead and knowing what to do with it
  • When you're maxed, make extra unit-producing structures
  • Attack in a way that defends your expansions