Day[9] Daily #215 – Inka vs Fenix: A Different Path to Colossi


Day[9] looks at the tendency of players to rely heavily on the Colossus. The problem is that these players RUSH the Colossus and die because they have no supporting army. Day[9] shows a game in which Inka sacrifices huge amounts of Units and DTs in order to buy time for his Colossus. The main focus of this Daily is the process of getting the Colossus and the value of buying time.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I dislike how much Protoss gameplay revolves around the Colossus -- seemingly every matchup depends on getting a Colossus ball and then keeping it alive. What are some other options for the aspiring Protoss player?

-As Zerg I have trouble scouting during the transition from early to mid-game, and frequently lose to Colossi. I can't break the wall, and Zerg tech is slow if I choose to FE. What to do?

-Do you think it would have been better for Inka to bring a probe along to place a forward Pylon for reinforcement as well as teching to a Templar archive instead of robo bay to get HTs instead?

-Do you think transporting units via Medivac would have gotten around the "3 wasted scans" in trying to attack? If his army is transported across the map with Medivac, DTs can't hit them.

-What's a good way to buy time other than DTs? Is there a good way to get them on small maps like Steppes of War, or do they work much better on maps that are larger and give you space?


  • EGINkA(P) v Fenix(T)
  • Marauders then fast stim; dark Templar opening
  • DT preventing Terran from pushing without having energy saved for scanning
  • Use of DT pressure and Terran's scans to buy time for Colossi production (substantial investments)