Day[9] Daily #216 – Mass Reaper vs Protoss


This Daily serves as an example of why the traditional notion of counters does not always apply. In it, Day[9] looks at a build by qxc in which qxc focuses on building mass Reapers and Barracks early in the game. The main tactical focus is the pin and how Reapers are so fast they can force a player to stay in his base.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Why are there so few minerals at every expansion for these ICCup maps?

-I understand that you can pin your opponents in the early game with fast Units like Zerglings or Reapers in order to gain an economic advantage. Is it possible for Protoss to use this tactic as well in the early game, or do Protoss players have to turtle a bit to get an economic advantage?

-How do you determine when you have reached a critical mass of Units to "counter" or be cost effective army vs army?


  • qxc(T) v PoisoN(P)
  • Pinning an opponent - Making a bunch of Units that scare your opponent into not leaving his base (importance of the speed of the Unit)
  • The issue of not making enough Units (Reapers)
  • Keeping up your economy during your strategy
  • Strong use of Reapers because of their speed picking off single units in the open