Day[9] Daily #218 – Tyler (Nony) vs OptikZero: PvP Analysis


Day[9] invites the audience to watch a blink vs robo PvP game between Nony and OpTiKzErO. Then Day[9] goes back and spends 40 minutes looking in detail at mistakes made by both players that might go unnoticed.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I'm a new Protoss trying out these pressure-into-expand builds in PvP. But I feel that by giving up the 400 minerals for the Nexus, I'll get run over by robo tech any second. How do you expand safely against a one-base opponent?

-In your Daily today you mentioned how people do "all-ins" without knowing it etc... The Funday Monday challenge for Zerg seems just that. In most cases, Zerg can't kill an opponent straight up unless his opponent has a flaw in his build. Is it me, or is this Daily rather difficult for Zerg players?

-Why don't you think Nony lost when he first attacked and didn't touch the Immortal?


  • LiquidTyler(P) v Stalker(P)
  • Identifying the moment when the opponent has the game won
  • In general, when you finish a key upgrade it's a good time for a timing pushing (blink)
  • Consideration of when to attack and when your entire focus is on winning the game, instead of taking the time to expand
  • If you don't have a next step, then you're doing an "all in"
  • Decision-based Unit loss; not micro-based Unit loss