Day[9] Daily #219 – Friendday Wednesday with TLO


Day[9] and TheLittleOne analyze a game where TLO puts on early pressure with Roaches and Banelings and then takes it to the late game. They particularly focus on TLOs in-game decision-making and his thoughts during the game. This is a great Daily to learn a lot of the basics in Zerg decision-making, even if it's in an older version of SC2 WoL!


Part 1

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- As a former Terran player and new Zerg player, what do you think is the best counter to Banelings as Terran?

- MarpsPrime says that 1base Zerg play is extremely powerful. What is your opinion on non-all-in 1 base Zerg?

- TLO, you are best known for your unique, ingenious and very creative playstyle, how do you come up with these ideas, how do you know they are good, and how do you execute them so well when no one else is doing the same thing?


  • LiquidTLO(Z) v Maru(T) w/guest TLO
  • Gas stealing as Zerg - getting more information on your opponent's base and preventing certain builds (cloaked Banshees)
  • Use of double gas - for strong earlier game pressure (speed upgrades/Roaches then Banelings)
  • Lair timing - need to kill SCVs and doing damage before building a Lair
  • Benefits and timing of canceling a tech building to go to another tech
  • Destroying destructible rocks to give more mobility and open attack paths
  • Investing in upgrades for Units that will only be used for a short while (use of Ultralisks in the late game)