Day[9] Daily #220 – Jinro vs Moon: TvZ Analysis


Day[9] takes a look at two great players: Jinro and Moon. He talks about the importance of seeing value in every Unit, and on focusing on getting core buildings built during the mid-game.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I've been trying to get a lot like Jinro in this game, but I'm having a hard time finding a good trigger for the first expansion while still feeling safe. When do you think is a good time to expand other than when attacking?

-One of the issues that Terrans are facing in TvZ seem to be the build up of Banelings. As I thought Jinro would do in this game, would it be advantageous for Terran to drop single Marines and Marauders on Baneling balls with Medivacs, out in the middle of the map? This way, the amount of splash on the main army is reduced/neutralized.


  • LiquidJinro(T) v Liberty(Z)
  • Having multiple attack paths that are vulnerable (back door destructible rocks)
  • Valuing the "life" of every single Unit
  • "Jinro style" of Hellion/marine pushing at the start
  • A good Terran player getting "core buildings" for the mid-game: 3 barracks, 1 factory, 1 Starport and 1 ebay; then for the late-game: 1 CC, 1 factory and 2 barracks
  • Consideration of a critical mass of Units: Zerg: Infestors; Protoss: Colossi; Terran: tanks ; saving for the "one punch" Unit after clearly being behind your opponent
  • Forcing Zerg to attack at a bad angle; being "in the way" of all Zerg attacks against the expo
  • When there's two places you want to hit, get in between them; "cutting in between bases"