Day[9] Daily #221 – LoveTT's Fancy PvZ


Day[9] points out that on the Korean servers, Zerg seem to be winning more in ZvP match ups while on the other servers, Protoss seem to be winning more. This leads him to examine the professional ZvP match up in greater detail, focusing on some of the novel strategies of LoveTT.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You have consistently either downplayed Hallucinate or suggested that's it is not important, but why is this so?

-You said that you would look again at why Protoss didn't attack Zerg's third; how would you go about making the right decision there?

-Do you feel like building Multalisks was a bad choice would Zerg be in better shape if he had made Hydralisks instead?


  • sGoZeno(Z) v EtdJbacker(P)
  • It is not that you do something, but when and in what order you do something
  • Protoss - Developing an overall basic plan to address problems
  • Blink-stalkers as a tool to secure the map and get another expansion