Day[9] Daily #224 – Newbie Tuesday: Fighting an Early Expansion


During this Newbie Tuesday, Day[9] demonstrates how to combat a fast-expanding Protoss as Terran, and how to think about a fast-expanding player.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-if you are going for a tech build and your opponent fast expands, how would you go about handling that? Would it be best to divert away from a tech build?

-In ZvZ's on bigger maps, often one of the Zerg fast expand, and somehow I'm never able to make him "Pay" for the fast expand. What attitude do you recommend when facing this problem?

-I've been having a lot of trouble in PvP against 1base Collosi because I have a tendency to expand relatively early. I find that I usually can't figure out if he's going for something like this before I get my expansion up, and I can't attack before he gets Collosi up.  Am I expanding too early? How should I deal with this?


  • Dealing with players that fast expand
  • Early attack on the expansion
  • Early tech or expanding yourself
  • Game1: Fearsum(T) v Aarth(P)
  • Game 2: Piggy(T) v ConfusedCribe(P)
  • Game 3: Hype(T) v Levitation(P)