Day[9] Daily #225 – Dimaga vs QXC


Day[9] analyzes a TvZ game between qxc and DIMAGA. He examines the map Xel'Naga Caverns and focuses on qxc's play.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Do you think blind engineering bay block will fade out of the game as the game progresses, seeing that any kind of cheesy 6Pool, 8Pool, 10Pool, or 7Roach rush hard counters it and is practically free win?

-Do you think it would've helped DIMAGA if he got Hydras or Mutas instead of heavy Infestor Zerglings?


  • ROOTqxc(T) v mtWDIMAGA(Z)
  • Early engineering bay at the opponent's natural expansion; early Banshee harassment
  • Begin getting tanks early, build up of marines then 2 Barracks w/techlabs. Reactor first; bigger army early, upgrades later
  • Moving forward and back with a large army causing damage without engaging in direct conflict
  • Faster army expanding far away; slower army expanding inward playing more defensively
  • Expanding freely; expansions behind intended attack points.