Day[9] Daily #228 – Newbie Tuesday: Banelings


In this Newbie Tuesday, Day[9] explores how to deal with Mid-game Banelings playing as Terran.


Part 1

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Q&A With Day[9]

-How do you expect us to be able to efficiently macro while doing crazy micro stuff like slicing?

-When do you reassign hotkeys? I use 4 for Command Center, but from what you say here it can be good later to reassign 4 to army, if so where do I hotkey Command Center?

-I have trouble finding a balance between army and tech/expansion. How do I know when to pump my army and when to focus more on tech/expo? (Besides expo when you attack)


Game 1: CoCFour(T) v Ledrash(Z)

  • A weak strategy of no progress done at the base (upgrades, reactors)
  • Finding the first point at which you made a mistake - the point of no return making that critical mistake

Game 2: CArubiM(T) v Cortex(Z)

  • "Slicing" layers of an army with mouse precision
  • When you see a Unit, properly responding to it: combat shield, tanks/etc

Game 3: Rik(Z) v mArCo(T)

  • Responding appropriately to Banelings