Day[9] Daily #230 – HuK vs Junwi


Day[9] takes a look at an incredible game between HuK and Junwai. The lesson: never give up!


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Q&A with Day[9]

-You said that the only thing you thought HuK could have done better was to scout the expansions earlier - but doesn't this imply Junwi's strategy is unstoppable? It seems to me if Huk were more proactive with hallu scouting, he would not have been caught off guard by the Mutalisks.

-What would you say the one mistake was that lost HuK that game? Was it failure to scout, or something later on?

-As the meta-game for Zerg develops; do you forsee Zergs making "proxy XXX building" with Overlords spewing creep in random spots in the map to throw off their opponent? We saw Junwi do this to an extent with the Spire hidden in the corner of his main.

-What would have been a better late-game Unit composition for Zerg? Or was the Unit composition not a problem?


LiquidHuK(P) v IMJunwiPrime(Z)

  • Having a plan for the mid-game: a visualization of where you want to be
  • Consideration of stylistic Protross strategies
  • Effectiveness of storms against big clumps of Mutalisks
  • Attacking in the way of your last expansion; low on gateways, high on tech