Day[9] Daily #231 – oGsMC vs Ret: ZvP Analysis


Day[9] looks at a one-sided ZvP where MC crushes Ret.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Can you elaborate on why some players Nexus first in this sort of situation? If you can always defend properly by getting the appropriate amount of cannons, why sacrifice the early economy?

-Ret doesn't really make use of his Spire in this game due to the early pressure. Do you think that the same force MC had would deal well with Mutalisks?

-I'm in bronze but I want to do something like this early expand. It's hard to know if the Zerg player is going to be on this timing in the bronze league. What can I do in this case?

-How would Protoss defend the FE if the Zerg went for 1base Roach after the expo was blocked by Probe? It seems like Roaches can take down walls without entering cannon range, then Zerg can finish the job with Roach/Speedling.


  • oGsMC(P) v LiquidRet(Z)  
  • Mouse sensitivity of 6/11 -
  • It's ok to do something that is good while having no idea why it is good - and why things work the way they do
  • oGsMC seeing a fast pool going down responding with a forge with cannon (Units are coming soon, Zerg expansion will be delayed)
  • Building when you can afford it, continuing Probe production - double gassing right after gate
  • Pylon placements for walling-off and building a cannon for a reason
  • After building all the Gateways needed for the whole game, getting +1 attack
  • Right when +1 finishes, Stalkers moving out from the side; Zealots to deal with Zerglings spending chrono-boost on Gateways to be aggressive