Day[9] Daily #232 – More Ret vs oGsMC: ZvP Analysis Part 2


Day[9] briefly talks about how to look for replays and analyze a series of replays. Then we look at another ZvP between Ret and MC in which Ret almost overruns MC.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-These replays are top diamond level Code S players duking it out. How would you suggest to gold and lower players to compensate for the fact that our micro/macro play is not up to par?

-Do you think Ret should have put a Drone on patrol at the bottom of his ramp regardless of knowing whether or not MC would Pylon block him seeing how far it puts you behind, and if you catch the Protoss in the middle of it and stop it they have to overproduce to defend their own base from failing a wall-in?

-You tell us to use timings. "When my __ is (half)done, his __ has just finished." It seems that this would only be accurate if you know the exact build of your opponent. How do we use timings?

-I know you've been asked this before, but I have no computer experience, nor a lot of money, so my question is, WHAT can I do for the community? How can I make eSports happen?


  • FundayMonday: Zerg can only attack with Nydus. Also, must build two simultaneous Nydus worms at some point.
  • LiquidRet(Z) v oGsMC(P)
  • Problem of crediting the success of a strategy based on who won
  • Analyzing the "bump" of Zerg double gasing; could have done the exact same thing, with less
  • Zergling counterattacks going for guaranteed damage in the Protoss base; powering a lot of Drones
  • If you make a mistake and win, it's still a mistake