Day[9] Daily #233 – TLO vs WhiteRa


Day[9] suggests that while it is good to focus on the fundamentals of StarCraft, it is sometimes fun to sit back and watch a zany crazy game! In this Daily, he looks at a base for decision-making when everything else has gone wild.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-You said always attack the enemy where he is weak. Why didn't TLO just crush the undefended western expansion earlier instead of attacking the army at the eastern expansion all game?

-How can a Protoss player deal with the diversity that Terran can throw at you, such as tank, marines/marauders, and Hellions, also with an army composition like Banshees Marines/Marauders.

-Do you think the Protoss could have taken the game if he had gotten carriers to destroy the Planetary Fortresses? And are Carriers the best option for Protoss in situations where a Terran gets Planetary Fortresses?

-You always stress about upgrades and how the "pros always get them", however, TLO only got +1 bio weps and didn't get any air upgrades. There really isn't a justification to not get them.  Do you think it slipped his mind or can you think of a valid reason for not getting them?


LiquidTLO(T) v DuckloadRa(P)

  • Early push with stimed Marauders using the speed of the Marauders to pick off ranged units
  • Doing the usual build, but then do something extra with the Units - waiting for stim to finish, destroying the backdoor rocks
  • Active decision to get another barracks after early expand into blue-flame helion drops; walling off with double bunkers
  • Double-Banshee starport with double reactor for Vikings; being defensive by splitting the map with expansions
  • Having a theme/build order but forgetting to think about an overall plan; having a game plan (how I want to win)