Day[9] Daily #238 – Top Korean TvT


Day[9] turns his attention to TvT and explains the possible uses of a cloak Banshee in order to control an opponent's Units and force them to the back of the main. He also addresses how patience is key when trying to kill Siege tanks and how to scan appropriately.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Is there such a thing as an efficient tank line?

-There were several moments in this game where one player would seige and bum-rush the seiged tanks of the opponent.  How do you know when to do this?

-Tanks are such a good defending Unit, but shouldn't the Terran players being taking more expos?


  • red(T) vs blue(T)
  • Tank covers many expansions in a small area
  • Canceling Banshee to save gas for more tanks later on and to support Marine/Marauder
  • Understanding your openings strengths and weaknesses
  • Exploiting the sacrificing of mobility by the opponent
  • Taking a huge army and inefficiently throwing it at a key control point to get some sort of advantage