Day[9] Daily #240 – Morrow vs White-Ra


Day[9] analyzes game one from the scReddit Invitational Grand Finals: MorroW vs White-Ra. He demonstrates how Zerg should deal with early timings, such as the 5 gate. Day[9] also demonstrates what to after holding such a push.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-I use this build against Terran. I'm silver and fInd that by late game I run out of gas and have tons of Drones--so many that my army size is low. What can I do in this situation where Terran has 33 and a huge army?

-Colossus units trash Roaches and Hydras and with force fields you can't hit them, so do you make Corruptors that do extra damage against massive to kill the Colossi?

-You've put a lot of emphasis on knowing the timings of certain events to figure out when attacks are coming or to look out for cheese. What other uses are there for knowledge of these types of timing?

-What small changes do you think MorroW should make for a game that is played on a smaller rush-distance map or on a map with a large choke?


  • MarroW(Z) vs White-rA
  • Individually rallying the eggs waiting to hatch as Zerg
  • MorroW's 14 gas and pool into Zergling speed; Overlord at 16 then back to Drone production
  • Being careful with the consideration of making workers or Units - exploiting the strength that's there (extra Drones early)
  • Not being active with the speed Zerglings after getting Zergling speed - faster Units punish mistakes
  • Why are 3 early Queens good in this build - 2 Queens giving you more Larva and another for Creep spread.