Day[9] Daily #243 – White-Ra vs Naniwa


Day[9] takes a look at a few PvP games between NaNiwa and White-Ra with the intention of finding the time and reason that a player starts to take a discernible lead.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Do you think zerg could use spotting overlords to get low ground roach/hydra arcs versus wall-ins and sentries?

-Do you think if White-rA held off expanding and built more gateways or a forge/twilight council he could of held of Naniwa's attack more effectively?

-In PvP like last game, 4-gating on Scrap Station is overwhelming common, do you think White-rA would need to modified the timing of his defense to pull it off?


  • Game 1: White-Ra(P) vs Naniwa(P)
    • Red did a build that put alot of pressure on yellow and tried to do as much damage to the probe-line as much as possible, then pulled back
    • Using low ground to gain a bigger arc against Naniwa, having a pylon to warp in unit to damage his mineral line

  • Game 2: White-Ra(P) vs Naniwa(P)
    • White-rA's good unit positioning of a wide arc in battle versus the clustered army of Naniwa
    • What units you replenish and what unit is most useful, replenishing with stalkers

  • Game 3: White-Ra(P) vs Naniwa(P)
    • Falling behind after the first attack, having best production timing and the decision of getting a forge earlier
    • Dealing with phoenix play and cannon use

  • Game 4: White-Ra(P) vs Naniwa(P)
    • An early defense with forcefields getting an economic swing in the game