Day[9] Daily #246 – Funday Monday: What Natural Expansion?


Funday Monday!  The constraint:  Players may expand anywhere BUT they cannot take their natural expansion. Ever. In this most unnatural of Dailies, much hilarity ensues.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Without Goliaths, Protoss air is particularly hard to combat with a mech army. How can I effectively go about investing in Marines and Vikings without hurting the strength of my mech army?

-During the game with RyuChus, I tried a similar build to that, sieged tanks, fewer Marines than usual. However I lost because I didn't harass as well, how important do think it is to harass, how should I practice at getting better harassment techniques?

-What are your thoughts on rally points, when engaging a slow push should you rally to the front or rally to your natural so you can better defend against harassment


  • Game 1: TBone(T) vs misc(P)
  • Game 2: Romulus(T) vs MagumiStars(P)
  • Game 3: Xaggah(Z) vs Phennicks(P)
  • Game 4: Konata(T) vs Blinker(P)
  • Game 5: MidnightMist(P) vs SmutnaRzeka(Z)
  • Game 6: MECHANIX(P) vs DreamWalker(Z)