Day[9] Daily #247 – Newbie Tuesday: Jinro's TvP Mech


Day[9] examines a mech build by Jinro, and explains how to effectively move into mid- to late game mech play. He also emphasizes the importance of transitions, attempting to make the most of Units and not trying to simply brute force one's way into the late game.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-We see some great timing by both Terran and Protoss in these matches, as timing changes a bit as the game evolves, what's a good way to gauge the timing of a push/drop harassment

-I like dropping as Terran, but I feel like a few pieces of static defenses can nullify any drops, how can I keep poking without sacrficing drop ships

-Why don't high-level protoss players get phoenix mid-game to shutdown Terran air-control, kill their medivac and gain mobility themselves


  • CrayonBox(T) vs Xantusiidae(P)
  • RyuChus(T) vs NecroPhagist(P)
  • November(T) vs cbel(P)