Day[9] Daily #248 – Dealing with Duckload


Day[9] takes a look at White-Ra (duckload) and his Protoss style that has been winning him a lot of games recently. He examines the reasons behind this high win rate and demonstrates ways that players of any level can mimic White-Ra's playstyle. 

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Q&A With Day[9]

-We see some great timing by both Terran and Protoss in these matches, as timing changes a bit as the game evolves, what's a good way to gauge the timing of a push/drop harassment?

-I like dropping as Terran, but I feel like a few pieces of static defenses can nullify any drops, how can I keep poking without sacrificing drop ships?

-Why don't high-level Protoss players get Phoenix Mid-game to shutdown Terran air-control, kill their Medivac and gain mobility themselves?


  • DuckloadRa(P) vs DeMusliM(T)
  • DuckloadRa(P) vs sjoW(T)
  • DuckloadRa(P) vs sjoW(T)
  • DuckloadRa(P) vs DeMusliM(T)