Day[9] Daily #250 – Top Korean ZvZ


Day[9] focuses on early ZvZ timings and openings. He emphasizes connecting early and discusses Mid-game play and reminds the viewer to keep an overarching goal in mind when starting out.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Although blue won, do you believe blue should have went for an expansion instead of Multas, which turned out to be marginally ineffective, seeing that red was blocking his ramp, indicating that he was most likely Droning, blue going for a later but higher Muta count, Snipe more Drones then transition to Roaches as he did

-If blue didn't get the flank on red's Roach/Hydra army do you think the outcome would have been the same

-It is amazing that blue won that game because he expanded to late compared to his opponent, was that based solely on red's late of macro ability it seemed that macro won that game for blue


  • NEXTLife(Z) vs gogol(Z)
  • "All in play" - a strategy that doesn't have a next step
  • 9 pool with Zerglings and 2 early Queen - an early pressure build that limits the opponents decisions, only being able to commit to one thing
  • The idea of linking an opening to an overall strategy
  • Roaches vs Hydras in the Mid-game; tactical play of surrounding his opponent
  • Opening Multlisks, expand and Drone, then speed roach to a Mid-game flexibility of lots of Roaches then getting Hydralisks.