Day[9] Daily #251 – Funday Monday: Audience Improv


Funday Monday!  The constraint: Day[9] mod Marky imposes different casting constraints on Day[9] while he casts random games of all leagues.

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  • Game 1: Carnage(Z) vs youngluke(P)
    • Constraint: Plug the Shortyawards every time
    • Constraint: Only talk while inhaling
  • Game 2: TheWarbler(T) vs SpyDong(P)
    • Constraint: Day[9]'s makes his own sound effects in game
    • Constraint: Switch the words b and f when talking
    • Constraint: Blindfold and cast the daily only what you hear
    • Constraint: Play at 8x speed and cast as detailed as possible
  • Game 3: Maazler(T) vs IceteaIsgood(P)
    • Constraint: Play at 8x speed and cast as detailed as possible (continued)
  • Game 4: Inquisitor(P) vs UEDstrike(P)
    • Constraint: Talk as if presenting a mathematical proof of sorts
    • Constraint: Do the cast although Day[9] was wooing a woman
    • Constraint: Every time Day switches from ingame to face cam, must be wearing something different
    • Constraint: Cast in the voice of "Timmy" (from a boy and his game)
    • Constraint: Give completely preposterous tips in a serious manner
    • Constraint: Plug as many shows and products
    • Constraint: Cast like the old spice guy from the on the horse commerical
    • Constraint: Talk like Yoda
  • Game 5: mrhomer(P) vs WARLORDXXX(Z)
    • Constraint: only speak in questions
    • Constraint: cast in the way of TotalBiscuit