Day[9] Daily #252 – Secrets of Hotkeys, APM and Mouse Movement


Day[9] analyzes the basic elements of game mechanics including proper usage of the mouse, minimap, and micro from the perspective of Terran and Zerg.  Required viewing.

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Fundamental mechanics

  • Hand Stretches, straight posture, mouse hand/wrist placement
  • Making boxes (left to right) more precision boxing down then up
  • Mouse control
    • clicking on things, instead of around things
    • Mouse precision not spam clicking to move units
  • Screen positioning
    • screen scrolling and using screen hotkeys (F2-F3 as bases)
    • Clicking on the mini-map, using small boxes
  • Mini-map
    • Whenever you macro, looking at the mini-map
    • Pacing looking at the mini-map when in a big attack
  • Inaccuracy of playing fast, just because you want a high APM
  • Having a consistant pattern of setting hotkeys
  • The Tap - tapping through your hotkeyed buildings to see its progress