Day[9] Daily #253 – Abver vs Mana PvZ


Day[9] explains the importance of exercising patience in problem-solving when faced with unorthodox play from an opponent as exemplified by MaNa in this ZvP.

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Q&A With Day[9]

-Do you think if Mana saw the hatch in his main early and picked it off he would that have given him the advantage before he even got confined?

-If Mana could have been less patient, he could have won that game instead of letting Zerg expand?

-Was sending all of his Probes at the end of the game the wrong thing to do?


  • Mana(P) vs Abver(Z)
  • Being too passive, attacking too much at random times
  • Specific clicks/triggers: checking for early gas or early pool
  • Overlords - problems solvers so positioning them are important
  • Hatchery in the MaNa's base - walling off the front his base for crisis management